Strategic Plan

With the suicide, divorce and unemployment rates so high in our military population, Montrose means to set the standard for other cities to follow in how to serve those who stepped up to serve all of us. By strengthening our services, identifying and filling our gaps, creating programs and removing the barriers in our infrastructure, we are preparing a place for our wounded warriors to visit and hopefully, to stay.

We want to be sure Veterans will thrive in the life they choose here in Montrose, so we are working with specific goals in 2014.  We don’t want to be making promises prematurely.

Montrose is a small Colorado town with a big heart and lofty goals.  This initiative is a work in progress and will always be improving and changing according to the needs we discover by listening to Veterans and their families at the Warrior Resource Center.

Our Values

 Next Steps

We are preparing a blueprint to enable other communities across America to follow our model. It will be presented in phases to implement strategies we’ve learn that are contributing to our success.  If your community has such an interest, please click here.

The Warrior Resource Center 
11 South Park Avenue
Montrose Colorado 81401

News Coverage of our Grand Opening

When we opened The Warrior Resource Center, we meant for it to be a one-stop welcome center connecting veterans to all services and opportunities local and national, including veteran’s benefits, health care, job training, adaptive recreation, housing and family support.

Today, 20 months later, we find that it has become so much more.  It is a place of giving and receiving which gives anyone the opportunity to put Support our Troops into local action.  Individuals contribute in small ways, like baking goodies for the weekly Veteran’s Coffee event, and in large ways, like donating equipment, vehicles, and money.  Businesses and individuals sponsor social events, like the monthly spouse luncheon.  Others donate to the fund which pays the rent for the Dream Job Program.

 Dream Job Pilot Program
Business Window Sticker Program